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Push Back Racking

Push Back Racking by Konstant® patented push back system provides selectivity in the horizontal and vertical storage plane while maintaining multiple pallets stored in depth. This flexible pushback system allows a customer to store from 2 to 6 pallets in depth. These systems can be placed back to back allowing for a maximum of 12 pallets deep of storage. A Konstant® cart is manufactured with a welded front, middle and rear cross member. The wheels on the carts travel inside an “I” beam rail. This heavy duty system even ties the rails to all the support beams.

Our carts provide full support for the pallet. The Konstant® Push Back Racking system can provide a safety bar between the rails for the last pallet stored on the rails.

Our versatile system allows for the frames to be arranged in a traditional straight line front to back or a staggered frame pattern. The patented staggered pattern reduces the column load which reduces loading on the floor. It also reduces the capacity required on the support beam thus reducing the height of the beam and increasing the available vertical height.

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